HOME (2014)                                           short film

director | writer | creative producer | art 


When dementia turns up, we start wondering where the patient belongs. Slowly, Lucien's memory fades away. After arriving at his new home, he digs deep into his recollections to find the reason for his departure.  


Awarded with the Grand Jury Award and the Audience Award at the Sundance Channel Film Festival in London (2014).

Screened at  Filmfestival Oostende  (2014).

Produced by DS.


HOME | a short film by Dimitri Sterkens
with Luc Huygens, Symen Gilles, Bieke Beeckman and Jules Vanhout

Accordeon: Lies Hendrix

2014 - Commissioned by The Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS)